About Us

Our Vision

The Lehigh Valley Storm Minor League Football Program provides a progressive well organized program and culture where young men have the opportunity to grow and gain success as athletes, students of the game, community members and friends.  It provides a structure of encouragement and leadership which mentors and supports the athlete’s goals and aspirations in developing and follow-through of their life objectives.

Our Mission

Provide the opportunities and instruction to assist our  athletes in not only developing their athletic skills but mentor them and work with them to learn to make positive decisions in all aspects of their lives, be it family, athletics, friendship development, community involvement, or career directions.  We will emphasize their, social, emotional, spiritual, physical and cultural development through programs and activities to address these areas on an ongoing basis.  We are intent on developing the total individual.


The purpose of the Lehigh Valley Storm is to provide a sport oriented entertainment value to the Lehigh Valley. The organization will promote the fundamentals of football. The fundamentals include development of leadership, character, sportsmanship, tolerance, discipline, and athletic ability.


The Lehigh Valley Storm has made a commitment to provide quality family entertainment to our community. Through community partnerships and the support of local businesses and organizations, the Lehigh Valley Storm will achieve its goal of developing into a notable and worthwhile community-enriching program.


The Lehigh Valley Storm was created in 2010 under the ownership of Steve Lombardo. A native of New York he owns and operates Lumpy Lou’s Bar & Grill located 212 south 15th Street in Allentown.

The football team comprises of local talent from the surrounding Lehigh Valley and connecting areas. The age of the players range from 18-40, and are adult amateur football players and are not compensated to play on the team.

The team is called the Lehigh Valley Storm and can be referred to as the “Storm”. The colors of the team are black and grey and the symbol is a characteristic thunder cloud holding a lightning bolt.

This year we are looking to improve our organization by improving the strength in our staff and players. We have reached out to the local community colleges for support, resources, players and any help that can be provided. Our “grass roots” operation last year has turned a small group of driven people into a dynamic team willing to make an attempt to show how football at an adult level can be successful.

An example we are building on from last year is our involvement with Camelot for Children in Emmaus, PA. We have created a personal relationship with that organization that has reached past just hand-shakes. The kids and players involved feed off the positive energy created and we are excited to build a greater relationship with them.

Do you want to help the Storm become the best it can be?

Our organization is always looking for volunteers to help out at all levels. Click Here to learn more.

The Storm is always in need of sponsors.  Home field costs, transportation and league fees are just some of the challenges we have each year.  We look to keep our game day gate fee to one of the lowest in the league and need your help to keep it this way.  Your sponsorship will help keep our brand of football around year after year. Give us a call.

Still don’t see something that fits in your range?  Did you know you can sponsor our team in many different ways? Perhaps you work somewhere that will lend a hand with goods or services in trade.   If you would like to sponsor the team and create a relationship that could benefits both parties give us a call today and we can talk about how to we can work together.